Friday, August 13, 2010

Crochet Obsession: This Might Look Like a Doily...

Of late, I have a strange fascination with perusing books on macrame and crochet.  While right now I am not in posession of this fine craft skill (yet), I will dig on bended knee through dusty fabric stores, through spools heaped upon spools of ribbons to find the right crochet.  There is something endearing about crochet.  It has a very 'grandma' quality when translated correctly can look very modern vintage.  Strangely reminiscent of an episode of Hoarders, I have also begun digging through dollar bins at vintage stores to collect antique doilies.  My girlfriend came over and asked, "Why do you have a pile of doilies?"  To which I shook the doily in the air and emphatically exclaimed, "This might look like a doily.  But when I'm done with it, it's going to be something AMAZING!" We laughed.

For more on the wonderful world of Crochet, check out my blog post on The Love Collage Crochet is Waifs, Allure, 1994.
I made miniature pinwheels with a crochet ribbon and accented them with tiny crystals.  Then I strung pretty turquoise beads to give the necklace weight.

I loved the spidery, webby texture of this doily.  It's going to be a shirt for my friend A. I promise it won't be tacky. Very high fashion.

Crochet doily & ribbon patiently waiting for transformation.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rosetta Stone Giveaway on The Love Collage

I'm currently doing a Rosetta Stone necklace giveaway on my fashion, art, beauty, music, travel & culture blog, The Love Collage.  The LC is approaching its 1st Anniversary, so I thought it would be a nice gesture for avid readers and to welcome new ones.

Please visit my website for more details: The Love Collage

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rosetta Stone at Tampered Press - Part 2

Part of the enjoyment from trunk shows (besides selling) is socializing.  Early in my career, I dibble-dabbled in PR but alas it was not for me.  In these informal settings, I get to connect with friends, meet new ones and talk about my process, the materials I use and discuss my inspiration.

The late afternoon gave way to a heavy rain but we were snug in the cafe trying on necklaces and catching up.  Tampered Press has that vibe - very cozy with antique window panes, bookshelves bustling with well loved books and a few boardgames for trivial enthusiasts.  It's a swell neighbourhood haunt.  Besides, have you heard?  Dundas West is the new Ossington.

More photos from the trunk show: 

Photos Courtesy of:  Patrick Tea, Pixel Pills

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rosetta Stone at Tampered Press - Part 1

Despite the chaos of G20 and the torrential downpours, a few brave souls came to the quaint and welcoming cafe, The Tampered Press (256 Crawford Street).  It was a very low-key late afternoon affair where people warmed up with chai lattes, had a few sips of refreshing green tea lemonade and noshed on homemade white chocolate biscotti while trying on statement necklaces and perusing the earring racks. 

Here are a few images from the Rosetta Stone Trunk Show:

Photos courtesy of: Patrick Tea, Pixel Pills

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Made You Look

For my display at Made You Look you will find some of the more romantic pieces (a lot of lace, pearls and gold chains) from my Spring and Summer collection.  I also did a few very fashion-forward open lace lariats with hand-stitched mega chain links.  They are ridiculous and somewhat editorial.  Kind of aristocrat ruff meets hip hop rapper, but very classy and French.  There is also a series of very sweet Mother of Pearl with lace necklaces with names like Camille and Eloise.  

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rosetta Stone Summer Trunk Show & Sale

I have been receiving amazing and overwhelming positive feedback about the statement necklaces and earrings. They are all guaranteed high ROC (return on compliment):  "OMG, where did you get that?" As exciting as the creative process is, it's always nice to hear that people enjoy what you do.  And it's even better to hear that people are showering your passion project with enthusiastic praise.  Love!

For anyone in the Toronto area, I am having a Summer Trunk Show & Sale for Rosetta Stone at The Tampered Press, a new espresso bar and community lounge on Dundas West. One-of-a-kind artisan jewellery at 40% off retail price. It's fun to support Local. Hope to see you there!

Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: The Tampered Press
256 Crawford St. Unit B
(entrance facing Dundas St. West)
Toronto, Ontario

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Piece of Me

Pretty In Pink - A plethora of blush pinks, bright agate, purple chandeliers and fabric roses to choose from.  $50-$60. 

Romance Me - Earrings in black & white.  18k plated with glass pearls, Mother of Pearl, facetted glass beads or tassles. $50-$60

Almost Too Gorgeous to Eat - The beautiful red velvet cupcakes, decorated with mauve buttercream petals and topped with a silver dragee that Christine baked.  Talent!

This past weekend, I hostessed a Jewellery Party for my friends to get a first glimpse into my creative mastermind *haha* and shop exclusively before my 'pretty's' went off to market.  I was extremely pleased with the reception as many were impressed with the assortment of baubles, stiletto earrings and statement necklaces in the richest hues.  I am often told that my home is merchandised like a boutique (see/ Anthropologie or Emilie & Lola in Montreal) with birdcages, shabby chic baskets and romantic fabrics draped meticulously.  Each girl struggled to select what to buy because she loved everything so much.  Yay! 

I was often asked, "Does it make you sad to see everyone buying your jewellery?"  While I do marvel at my 'pretty's' as any mother should, I don't have ownership issues over them.  For me, the excitement lies in going to curio stores, searching for interesting findings, looking at fabric and gems and ultimately putting them together in a creative way.  The creative process is where my passion burns the brightest.  If anything, it overjoys me to see other people appreciating my tiny works of art. 

The earrings that started it all.  My nimble fingers made these earrings for the Corsage Girls

While fundraising for a charity I work on, I was asked to attend an "Earring Bee" (similar to a quilting circle where women meet up and create) to support the cause.  Although anxious because I had no previous experience making earrings, I surprised myself with my innate ability.  Who knew?  After that, I have been on a rampage to make the most dazzling drop earrings, the most whimsical stilettos and the sparkliest of chandeliers.  Fashioning unique, vintage style earrings is my newest OBSESSION.

Blue Is The Colour of Creativity

Jewel of the Nile - Infinity necklace with turquoise beads, vintage Indian gold beads, 18k gold-plated chain detail and facetted teardrop crystal drop pendant.  $165

Sun, Moon, Stars - Double Strand necklace with turquoise beads, 18k gold-plated chain embellished with 24k vintage Indian beads, facetted crystal beads and champagne teardrop crystal.  $165

If anyone ever asks "What is your favourite colour?"  I invariably say fuschia, which is a combination of pink and purple.  But for some reason, I am often drawn to making jewellery that combines blue and gold.  Blue is a colour associated with emotion, creativity, strength, freedom and new beginnings.  Blue is the the open sky, the calming ocean and the hue of your beloved denim jeans.  There is something optimistic about the colour that inspires me. 

These pieces remind me of the lapis lazuli found in ancient Greece or the Morrocan tilework found in northern Africa.  The decadence of gold paired with turquoise is quite exquisite and beautiful to look at.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jewel Tones of the Desert

Morrocan colours are often richly saturated like looking into a bright turquoise sky, details are intricate like patterns seen on woven materials of caftans and minute details are opulent such as those found in gold filigree.  I am very intrigued by unusual colour combinations, especially when they are paired with unexpected materials.  With these pieces, I tried to use fabrics in interesting ways such as interwoven with semi-precious stones or even braided and sewn onto gold chains. The result: a look that says 'Boho-Luxe' or 'Dashiki Chic' (as I like to call it)!

Habeeba's Passion - Facetted fire polished Red Crystal woven with Fuschia Dupioni silk on 18k gold-plated mini rolo chain. $125 (SOLD)
Fez Batik - Gold colour Rolo chain hand-stitched onto purple ruffle chiffon ribbon (worn as an open lariat). $100 
Layering two necklaces to vary texture is extremely ornate.  Sure to ellicit 'oohs' and 'ahhhs.' 
Desert Bloom - Braided Pink and Coral Sari Crepe with 18k gold-plated multi-chains accented with vintage cream button and pink agate and crystal detail. $145 (SOLD)

Forget Me Not - Dyed purple and grey ombre Agate with vintage 24k indian beads, and brown chiffon ribbon bow. $145 (SOLD)

Friday, February 26, 2010

How Deep is Your Love? (My Paris Apartment)

You know you are in love when you can't sleep a wink. Twisting and turning in bed, eyes open all night, thinking...dreaming... This is how I feel about the necklaces I make. I love them so much, I can hardly sleep. I imagine the colour combinations, the ways I can sew the fabric to make interesting shapes and the beautiful stones I want to thread.

These ones are inspired by romantic love and the petulance of girlish dreams. So delicate and charming, who can resist?

Versailles - Gold colour Rolo chain necklace hand-stitched to ivory antique lace (worn as an open lariat) $100. (SOLD)
I have a particular fondness for 'Versailles' as it reminds me of Kirsten Dunst dressed as a milkmaid in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. It also dramatically changes the look of an outfit because it appears part of the elaborate construction of a top or dress.
Les Champs Elysees - Oversized Mother of Pearl pearls and 18k Gold-plated multi-chain link necklace with vintage button accent and pale pink chiffon bow. $135 (SOLD)
Very Coco Chanel. Very French Vogue.
Dauphine - Oversize Mother of Pearl pearls woven with vintage ivory lace, accented with facetted crystal beads on an 18k gold-plated mini Rolo chain. $115 (SOLD)
'Daupine' is a natural beauty, simple and feminine like a young ingenue.
Sleeping Ingenue - Charm necklace with 24k filigree beads, Fuschia Pink Agate stones, vintage coral coloured cameo and champagne tassle on a gold colour chain. $65 (SOLD)
Palais Royal - Asymmetrical Bib necklace with hand-made pink chiffon rosette and rhinestone accent. Grey Mother of Pearl pearls, ruffled vintage pink lace embroidered on dusty grey Dupioni silk and 18k plated gold chain woven with rope. $150 (SOLD)