Yesterday is today is tomorrow
Inspired by the sentimental feel of heirlooms lost and once again rediscovered, I sought to create a line of jewellery and accessories that echoes these qualities.  In my work, I fuse mixed media which subtly contrasts soft and hard, old and new, combining a variety of materials such as brightly hued semi-precious stones, metals with vintage curios and luxury fabrics.  Each piece is one of a kind Couture Statement Necklace - distinctly artisan, thoughtfully designed and hand-made with love. 

Spring/Summer 2010 - Collette Takes Casablanca
Journey on the Midnight train from Paris to Marrakesh.  Influenced by French and Moroccan culture, pretty details such as Victorian prints and delicate bows merge with bright, saturated hues of dupioni silks and the opulence of facetted gems.