Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Spring for Rosetta Stone Gallerie

This means a major spring cleaning.  I love making jewellery.  They call me a prolific earring maker (after I declared it myself).  But I need to slow down the pace, otherwise my home looks like a volcano erupted with semi-precious stones and ribbon.

I always get a kick out of people's reaction to my creations.  When I make new things, I freak out because of how nice everything is.  But sometimes, I wonder, will people get it?  Luckily, they do. It's not Vogue US (Anna Wintour).  It's not Paris Vogue (Carine Roitfeld).  It's Italian Vogue (Think Anna Dello Russo). 

Some recent comments:  "It's like art."  Why thank you! "This reminds me of what the queen wears around her neck." EXACTLY! When I travel, I like to visit museums and collect postcards.  I read a lot of magazines and scrapbook clippings I think are interesting.  When I am having a creative spurt, I do a few sketches.  Recently, I started making fascinating fascinators - giant frayed Dupioni silk rosettes or tulle and sequin embellished headbands. 

This past weekend, I organized Creative Heart Collective.  I had a MAJOR statement necklace sale so I could start some fresh new goodies for Spring/Summer 2011.  Thanks to all who wiped out my table.  Guaranteed, people will be paying you plenty of compliments!!

Photos Courtesy: Timothy Li.  Find more about his work at http://www.timinyli.com/