Friday, August 13, 2010

Crochet Obsession: This Might Look Like a Doily...

Of late, I have a strange fascination with perusing books on macrame and crochet.  While right now I am not in posession of this fine craft skill (yet), I will dig on bended knee through dusty fabric stores, through spools heaped upon spools of ribbons to find the right crochet.  There is something endearing about crochet.  It has a very 'grandma' quality when translated correctly can look very modern vintage.  Strangely reminiscent of an episode of Hoarders, I have also begun digging through dollar bins at vintage stores to collect antique doilies.  My girlfriend came over and asked, "Why do you have a pile of doilies?"  To which I shook the doily in the air and emphatically exclaimed, "This might look like a doily.  But when I'm done with it, it's going to be something AMAZING!" We laughed.

For more on the wonderful world of Crochet, check out my blog post on The Love Collage Crochet is Waifs, Allure, 1994.
I made miniature pinwheels with a crochet ribbon and accented them with tiny crystals.  Then I strung pretty turquoise beads to give the necklace weight.

I loved the spidery, webby texture of this doily.  It's going to be a shirt for my friend A. I promise it won't be tacky. Very high fashion.

Crochet doily & ribbon patiently waiting for transformation.

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