Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue Is The Colour of Creativity

Jewel of the Nile - Infinity necklace with turquoise beads, vintage Indian gold beads, 18k gold-plated chain detail and facetted teardrop crystal drop pendant.  $165

Sun, Moon, Stars - Double Strand necklace with turquoise beads, 18k gold-plated chain embellished with 24k vintage Indian beads, facetted crystal beads and champagne teardrop crystal.  $165

If anyone ever asks "What is your favourite colour?"  I invariably say fuschia, which is a combination of pink and purple.  But for some reason, I am often drawn to making jewellery that combines blue and gold.  Blue is a colour associated with emotion, creativity, strength, freedom and new beginnings.  Blue is the the open sky, the calming ocean and the hue of your beloved denim jeans.  There is something optimistic about the colour that inspires me. 

These pieces remind me of the lapis lazuli found in ancient Greece or the Morrocan tilework found in northern Africa.  The decadence of gold paired with turquoise is quite exquisite and beautiful to look at.

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