Friday, February 26, 2010

How Deep is Your Love? (My Paris Apartment)

You know you are in love when you can't sleep a wink. Twisting and turning in bed, eyes open all night, thinking...dreaming... This is how I feel about the necklaces I make. I love them so much, I can hardly sleep. I imagine the colour combinations, the ways I can sew the fabric to make interesting shapes and the beautiful stones I want to thread.

These ones are inspired by romantic love and the petulance of girlish dreams. So delicate and charming, who can resist?

Versailles - Gold colour Rolo chain necklace hand-stitched to ivory antique lace (worn as an open lariat) $100. (SOLD)
I have a particular fondness for 'Versailles' as it reminds me of Kirsten Dunst dressed as a milkmaid in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. It also dramatically changes the look of an outfit because it appears part of the elaborate construction of a top or dress.
Les Champs Elysees - Oversized Mother of Pearl pearls and 18k Gold-plated multi-chain link necklace with vintage button accent and pale pink chiffon bow. $135 (SOLD)
Very Coco Chanel. Very French Vogue.
Dauphine - Oversize Mother of Pearl pearls woven with vintage ivory lace, accented with facetted crystal beads on an 18k gold-plated mini Rolo chain. $115 (SOLD)
'Daupine' is a natural beauty, simple and feminine like a young ingenue.
Sleeping Ingenue - Charm necklace with 24k filigree beads, Fuschia Pink Agate stones, vintage coral coloured cameo and champagne tassle on a gold colour chain. $65 (SOLD)
Palais Royal - Asymmetrical Bib necklace with hand-made pink chiffon rosette and rhinestone accent. Grey Mother of Pearl pearls, ruffled vintage pink lace embroidered on dusty grey Dupioni silk and 18k plated gold chain woven with rope. $150 (SOLD)

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